Araldica produces excellent Piedmont wines from the most prestigious winegrowing areas of Monferrato, Gavi Langhe, and Roero. Founded in 1954 at Castel Boglione, a small village lying between Asti and Acqui Terme, today Araldica Wines is a cooperative society of 140 associates whose work it coordinates, starting from vineyard activities.

The valorisation of traditional varietals, the selection of the best varieties according to the micro climate and territorial conditions, care for the environment and the peculiar characteristics of each wine: Araldica is a large cooperative society which, despite the fact that it turns over significant product volumes, has not forgotten the family-based artisanal approach to winegrowing, which it considers to be an essential bedrock for the production of great labels.

Winegrowing strategies

With 900 hectares covering parts of Monferrato, Langhe, and Roero, cultivated by 140 associates, Araldica cultivates and manages one of the most extensive vineyard of Piedmont. A privilege the company of Castel Boglione has chosen to place at the centre of its winegrowing decisions, while valorising the production of each individual vineyard and safeguarding a winegrowing and landscape heritage now comprised in the Unesco List of World Heritage Sites.

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Faithful to its roots, its land and the hard work of its associates. Innovation with respect for tradition, this is Araldica’s production philosophy.

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The associated winegrowers and their vines are at the centre of Araldica’s activity, since the quality of the end product depends on this fundamental and essential element. It is no simple task to manage almost one thousand hectares of vineyards extending over four separate hilly areas but the challenge lies in making each associate feel part of a project in which grape quality is the number one priority.

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A modern and efficient cellar which combines technology with a respect for tradition, in order to valorise and differentiate the extraordinary heritage of Piedmont’s varietals, one of the richest in the world. Araldica views cellar activity as the natural continuation of the quality expressed by the vines, an unquestionable quality that is accessible to all.

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Cascina Nuova

Nizza DOCG - Biologico

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Campo del Senatore

Barbera d'Asti DOCG Superiore

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Wine Shop

At Castel Boglione, there is the wine store, the store sells the Araldica wine range from the estates of Il Cascinone, La Battistina e Santa Seraffa

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