With 900 hectares covering parts of Monferrato, Langhe, and Roero, cultivated by 140 associates, Araldica cultivates and manages one of the most extensive vineyard of Piedmont. A privilege the company of Castel Boglione has chosen to place at the centre of its winegrowing decisions, while valorising the production of each individual vineyard and safeguarding a winegrowing and landscape heritage now comprised in the Unesco List of World Heritage Sites.

A short supply chain

Partners rather than bottlers. Originally set up as a winegrowers’ cooperative society, today Araldica directly follows and coordinates the activities of its associates whose aim is to harvest the highest quality grapes for the production of wines, which are also very approachable and pleasant to drink. From the grape to the bottle, each operation is handled internally to guarantee consumers a short supply chain, which makes for greater safety and a higher quality

Innovation and research

In the course of its existence, Araldica has constantly invested in the purchase of excellent machinery and the most advanced oenological technologies, experimenting cutting-edge solutions, without compromising the authenticity of its wines. An on-going collaboration with universities, oeonology schools and research bodies makes Araldica a dynamic and ever evolving company, a benchmark for the innovation of the «Piedmont vineyard» and viticultural techniques.

Quality at
the right price

Araldica believes in the quality of Piedmont wines, rather than their exclusiveness. An excellent wine is a wine everyone can afford: never ordinary or second-rate but qualitatively perfect, immediate, drinkable and suitable for any occasion. A wine for sharing with others, never elitist, one which recounts with efficacy, lightness and character the marvellous terroirs from which it comes, the hard and impassioned work intrinsic in its “soul”.

Grape selection

Not all grapes are equal. That is why, at harvest time, our group rewards its associates according to the quality of the grapes they contribute. The best parcels, fermented and bottled separately, make up the Araldica Group’s PREMIUM LINE branded ALASIA.

The grapes from Il Cascinone, La Battistina e Tenuta Santa Seraffa are vinified separately in the respective wineries of the estates.