Araldica Castelvero has embarked on a path of improvement aimed at ensuring the implementation of sustainable viticulture by its members.
A process that began in 2017 with the national certification of integrated production SQNPI (Sistema Qualità Nazionale Produzione Integrata) across the three group-owned estates: Il Cascinone, La Battistina and Santa Seraffa. In 2018 an ambitious new goal was set: to "lead" all the members towards the certification, an objective that was reached in the same year.
Today, Araldica Castelvero, with its approximately 900 hectares of vineyard certified under the SQNPI, moves towards a progressively more environmentally friendly form of agriculture.
SQNPI certification requires adherence to a strict protocol that guarantees quality and attention to the environment.

What is integrated production?

Integrated production is an agricultural system that uses farming techniques and production methods as a defence against the impact of agricultural production, minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals, rationalizing fertilization and maintaining biodiversity.

The National Integrated Production Quality System (SQNPI)

The SQNPI certification is aimed at the enhancement of agricultural and agri-food production and provides in particular for the certification of the integrated production process that combines good agronomic practices with sustainable vineyard treatments to guarantee cost-effective agricultural practices - and at the same time - a low environmental impact.

5 key benefits of SQNPI certification:

- Food safety of agricultural products
- Sustainable production methods
- Worker safety
- Documented product traceability
- Responsible use of resources to respect the environment

Our future is in biodiversity

Biodiversity is the natural resource most present in agricultural systems, and moreover it helps to reduce the use of synthetic chemical substances, safeguarding the main beneficial organisms such as wild pollinating insects, which sustain future life on our planet. We believe in the importance of biodiversity as an essential element of our habitat and also for this reason we contribute to maintaining and preserving it. The ecosystem must be protected, not altered and this is why we do not use material from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


"The Earth we have was not inherited from our parents, but borrowed from our children" - Ancient Indian proverb

All preparatory work on the soil is undertaken with the aim of safeguarding and improving fertility, avoiding erosion or compaction while safeguarding the microflora and microfauna. We are the custodians of our hills: our greatest heritage and our children’s future.

A long chain with deep roots

Our wine grower-members, constantly supported by our agronomists, represent the first link in a long chain that starts from the vineyard and ends in the glass. Sturdy roots on the land that represents such a precious asset, already recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The knowledge and respect of the different soils, the selection of optimum vines for the enhancement of the territory, and monitoring the vineyard ecosystem are the starting points for obtaining excellent results.

A commitment, a certification and a brand

The commitment that Araldica Castelvero has taken towards the environment is today certified by the SQNPI brand and its “bee” logo proudly displayed on our labels: the result of the numerous actions through the whole product creation which constitute an important sustainable path for which Araldica Castelvero is responsible.

Sustainability of the wine supply chain

In 2022, the company adhered to the CERTIFICATION OF SUSTAINABILITY OF THE WINE SUPPLY CHAIN by complying with the voluntary requirements of the Ministerial Decree of 16 March 2022 concerning


- ETHICAL - SOCIAL aspects

Certificate of Sustainability of the Wine Supply Chain.

SQNPI Observatory

To report any non-conformities concerning the SQNPI standard, please write to: OsservatorioSQNPI@politicheagricole.it